Use of animal models a primitive outdated approach – all about money

By Pradmin Basu.

It is understandable that ‘scientists’ who use animals for their research are busy requesting grants for their ‘mouse bill’. My father, Dr. Prasanta Kumar Basu, did the same thing for years at the university of Toronto where he was director of research in dept of ophthalmology. This is a money game and not the noble pursuit for the betterment of the human condition that the public (and even many of the researchers themselves) are led to believe.

As Dr. Ray Greek (one of several authorities opposed to animal research) said to UBC’s animal care committee in July 2017, the technology exists to replace animal research and that:

“even pharmaceutical companies want to move away from testing on
animals as only 1 out of every 10 drugs coming out of research and
development on animals makes its way to market”

Furthermore, Dr. Greek stated that “the stumbling block for immediate change is from the world of academia, as universities are entrenched in the lucrative government grant system.1

If we really are serious about “benefiting human health” we need to put our funding where it really counts into proper technological models and  dispose of outdated, primitive approaches that are more than 100 years old.



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