A letter to get you started when communicating with your local animal research facility…

“In recent times we have all been challenged to be innovative in implementing pedagogical methods that serve students at all levels and in all disciplines. Is it not time to consider advanced alternatives to the use of animal models in teaching medical procedures? That is the wave of the future–where will (your university) stand in the historical record on this one?” – Dr. Maidie Hilmo

Dear (decision maker),

I am writing to urge you to implement innovative and humane research and training methods at (the institution) in place of the use of live animals.

Stunning innovations in technology are allowing us to bring new tools and techniques to the fight against disease using human-based models, 3D printers, organs-on-a-chip, (etc.)  The advances will allow us to find common ground in our efforts to improve health care without inflicting harm on animals and to attain a higher level of predictability and reliability of outcomes for drugs and treatment.

In training, there are validated and widely available, human-relevant training methods, such as human-patient simulators, laparoscopic simulators, virtual reality simulators, human cadavers, and partial task trainers.   InterNiche and other humane learning banks could provide the resources to end animal use immediately.

Our researchers, students and human patients deserve the most modern advancements in technology leading the research and training.

I look forward to hearing from you, 

With kind regards,