Animal Testing and COVID-19

By Andre Menache, Scientific Advisor to Progressive Non-animal Research Society. The Coronavirus pandemic called COVID-19 is an important opportunity to reassess the way we do medical research. Faced with this viral tsunami, scientists have not had time to find one or more animal species to serve as a ‘model’ to study this disease in theContinue reading “Animal Testing and COVID-19”

Use of animal models a primitive outdated approach – all about money

By Pradmin Basu. It is understandable that ‘scientists’ who use animals for their research are busy requesting grants for their ‘mouse bill’. My father, Dr. Prasanta Kumar Basu, did the same thing for years at the university of Toronto where he was director of research in dept of ophthalmology. This is a money game andContinue reading “Use of animal models a primitive outdated approach – all about money”

Why a Progressive Non-Animal Research Society?

The Progressive Non-Animal Research Society has been formed to encourage those working in the fields of human medical research, training and product testing to pursue a scientific method that has as its basis the entire human biological, physiological and psychological system. Much has changed since the mapping of human DNA in the latter part ofContinue reading “Why a Progressive Non-Animal Research Society?”