Graphic created by HenDefender Media.

PNARS is looking for volunteers for the following positions:

  1. Instagram Outreach
  • Are you an Instagram-savvy, creative vegan volunteer? ?
  • Our newly-formed Progressive Non-Animal Research Society needs you!!
  • Our mission is to promote the use of innovative, humane alternatives to animal experimentation.
  • We would provide you with content that would link back to our website – your role would be to make the IG post vital, upbeat and upload it for us….. possibly 2 – 3 times per week….
  • Please contact us at pnarsposts@gmail.com

2. Research Volunteers

We are seeking committed volunteers with demonstrated desk research skills, with an understanding of medical research and terminology, strong writing skills, and analytical skills to carry out various research projects.

We are looking for a minimum of two volunteers to help us with the following:

1. Building a new case studies section for our website to help highlight how animals are used in research, testing and teaching in Canada.
2. Compiling a list of case studies of Canadian research utilizing ethical and modern methods without animals.
3. Compiling a list of non-animal-based methods that can be used to train vet students.
4. Other general work like fact-checking, reference checking and offering scientific advice.

You will have the ability to read scientific publications and transpose the key points into case studies targeted at a non-scientific audience. Ideally, you will hold a minimum of an undergraduate scientific qualification and/or employment in the medical or research industry.

If you are committed to advancing modern, ethical and effective medical research and replacing the use of animals in research, testing and teaching, volunteering at PNARS will enable you to directly contribute to progress in this area.