Letter to the editor published in Vancouver Sun

Progressive Non-Animal Research Society board member, Teresa Fox, had the letter below published in the May 15, 2021 edition of the Vancouver Sun:

Re: B.C. ‘world-class’ biotech sector plays key role

As British Columbians we can be proud of many of the innovative researchers and developers working in our emergent biotech sector. The results of some of their forward-looking efforts are paying off in real time as we see effective antibody and vaccine developments draw global attention right here in B.C.

In fact, if it’s only the regulatory use of outmoded and non-sustainable systems that is holding us back from becoming world-leaders in human-centric research and testing, then those regulations truly need to be revisited.

By focusing on ‘clean’ and waste-free 21st century technologies that bypass, for the most part, the potentially biohazardous use of animal models, our leading-edge researchers are already having a profoundly beneficial impact on both human and planetary health.

Teresa Fox, North Vancouver 

From Vancouver Sun, May 15, 2021, https://vancouversun.com/opinion/letters/letters-to-the-sun-may-15-2021-why-is-airspace-above-transit-hubs-not-taxable-reader-asks